Don’t Format Windows 10 PC So Reset For Default Settings- Best Way 2021

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These days a lot of pc users have become accustomed to reinstall their windows 10 pc for different reasons. But do you know there is an easy remedy for that? In this post, we are going to talk about reset windows 10 for default settings.

There are a few many reasons for reinstall windows yourself. I have an article that I wrote about that. You can read it and get more idea about that.

This is it: Ways that you would be killing your computer without knowing

Bu before going to the article I will mention few things that affecting for kill your pc.

#1 The computer not start(boot) fast

This is the main problem you face during using windows pc. Most have become angry about that. The main reason is the OS installed drive become a bin with unwanted software’s and files. Maybe it can be a computer virus also.

#2 Storage Full

This depends on user behavior. If you install or save lots of files, programs then your hard drive becomes full. Because pc users accustomed for format the whole pc and reinstall the OS.


The result of bad user behavior the computer not working properly. I f you are going to install the software you can be faced with errors. They can be a virus or driver error. This is also the reason for formatting your pc.

These only main reasons for format and reinstall windows OS.

What does reset this PC mean in Windows 10?

You already using a mobile phone. You know the problems I mentioned also effective for the mobile phone also. In that situation, you simply reset your mobile phone and keep it as a brand new phone that you buy the first time. That is very simple. Do you know the windows also have a function like that? Yes yes. It’s not a joke. Windows 10 have this facility. But it only available on genuine windows OS. But crack software also can have this facility. But I can’t guarantee it. Because you can simply do it yourself.

Is resetting your PC a good idea?

#1 You can reinstall OS only without data lost

You can install only windows OS using this function. The other files you have already installed in other partitions (without C) can keep safe. But all the files on the C partition will be removed and become windows 10 default settings. If you want to format the whole pc you can do it also. I will mention it below.

#2 You don’t want any bootable device

You can use do resetting on your existing windows 10. Because OS not removing from this. Because you don’t want any bootable device as DVD, PEN DRIVE. So not want to worry about that.

# 100% FREE

You don’t want to purchase the OS or any bootable disk if you are using genuine windows. So this facility is totally free.

#Easy for do

This is a very easy way to get default settings on your windows 10 pc than formatting it. Because you don’t want help from any other person. You can do it your self within a few steps. I will guide you clearly.

How to reset windows 10 for default settings

STEP 01:

First open your windows search bar and type “Reset This PC”. You can select the result that show. Click on it.

STEP 02:

You will open the settings panel that I’m show below. Then select “Get Started. After you go to next step.

STEP 03:

After you will open the selecting box. You can select the option to keep my files or remove everything. If you choose to keep my files, then only deleting all data on the C partition and windows 10 becomes to default settings. If you choose the remove everything option, then all the data in the computer will delete and restore default settings on windows 10. If you doing this to remove viruses from this pc you want to select the remove everything option. So select what you want.

STEP 04:

Then pc will notify you about softwares that you losing after the reset. You can’t keep them. Then if you agree then click the “Next” button.

STEP 05:

You will open another massage. It tells you if you are working on another user account, then all unsaved data also delete. You can exit if you agree.

STEP 06:

They all are successful. You want to click the “Reset” button. Then your computer will reset automatically. This can be taken too much time. Because if you are using a laptop you want to plug it. If not your pc can be power off and the resetting process will crash.


Now your resetting will complete automatically and notify you it is complete. In the processing, your pc will restart several times. But don’t panic and don’t do anything. Then your computer becomes fresh and in brand new condition.

How to reset windows 10 for default settings article is over. Now your computer is also very fast and cute now. Install all drivers and do your works normally.

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