Get verified with Blue Badge Verification on Social Media

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In this article we are going to talk about blue badge verification and give you full guide for get verified with Blue Badge Verification on Social Media

Why blue badge verification need?

Blue badge verification is a process that can do on social media platforms. This process is helpful for genuine audience based teams or people. Let’s study it with an example. You all are known, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a very famous football player. And he has a big volume of the audience around him. He has his own social media profiles and pages and Millions of followers, likes have those pages and profiles. Because some fake profiles are creating to attract people in this case. Because that pages and profiles can be reach likes more than genuine account. Next, I tell you the risk of this kind of profile and page. The fake profile and page owners can sell anything using these profiles. It can be harmful to the genuine brand. It can be a big problem. The blue badge verification is the solution for that.

What is the blue badge verification?

If you have a personal brand you can get a blue badge verification. This badge presents the authenticity of your profiles. Because your audience does not go astray. Because fake profiles can’t get your audience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other main social media platforms have this blue badge verification option. But you can’t get it easily. I mean the verification is giving to you after reviewing by platform coordinators.

Because you want to show you are qualified for blue badge verification. I will show you a few tips for facebook verification.

Few Tips For Improve Your Qualifications forget facebook blue badge verification

  1. Follow basic facebook options correctly
  2. A profile image
  3. The cover page
  4. The content you published
  5. A name according to facebook guidelines
  6. Follow option want to enabled
  •  Be professional

You want to show you are a professional man. This helps to get your verification fast. So you want to share professional content like high-quality images, grammatically correct posts, and non-professional content. If they are not good you can’t attract facebook eyes. Because you have done them and make your brand professionally.

  • Keep your profile up to date

This also needs to be professional. If you are no longer posted posts or the bio, contact details are not working then your account becomes non-professional. Because you want to update your contact details, wall, bio regularly. It helps to be verified.

  • Connect your own web webpage to facebook account

You can’t include all details in facebook. Because you can create your own website

and publish all content in it. After you can link the website to your facebook profile. That can create trust on fecebook eyes. But you want also to take the website up to date. That can create trust in your audience also.

  • Create about section perfect

The about section on your facebook account is the heart of your account. So it wants to be unique, relevant, and up to date. All the information may be correct and clear.

You can apply for facebook blue verification badge from this page.

Request a Blue Verification Badge (

Benefits of Get the Blue Badge Verification

  • You can easily rank your account or page without.
  • Your audience will grow effectively.
  • People can find you easily. Fake profiles can’t grow up
  • You can prevent the killing of your characters

#Do blue verified badge profiles have power on social media platforms?

No this is only a verification process that I mentioned above.

#Want to have more likes, reaches, and follows to get a blue verification badge?

Not sure. If you have more likes, reaches and follows that’s good. But if you are a famous person you can create a new profile or page and get the blue verification badge. So the history of the page or profile doesn’t matter.

#Do you want any experience to get this verification?

No you didn’t want. If you have qualifications for that you can apply for it.

#How much I want to spend on that?

You can apply it $0 cost. They not charge for it. But if you are get help for it from another person you will be required money. But you can done it yourself. Because you don’t want to spend money.

#Can it get by purchasing?

No. You can’t buy it from any platform.

There are not any other benefits of Blue badge verification.

I wish you the very best and Get verified with Blue Badge Verification on Social Media. If this article helps you please share it with your friends.

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