How can I charge my laptop without a charger

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USB Type-C Charging Cable

In your day to day life, often you will have to rush into Office, School, and college, and accidentally we might forget few essentials that we need some time; this may include a charger for your electronic devices.

After that, you feel like your whole day is terrible and unlucky, but when your electronic device at 10%, you must do what you have to do.

When you forgot your charger to your phone, you would connect it to your laptop via USB cable, but what if you forgot the laptop’s charger? I assume that you won’t have a high tech laptop with 12 hours of battery life.

When your laptop running low on battery and you couldn’t afford it to shut down, you’re going to panic and go around asking your collageous that they would have a compatible charger but what if you don’t find one you’ll assume all of your luck has run out.Then you’ll go straight to the internet and search “How can you charge your laptop without a laptop charger”

This experience will help you not to forget your charger again, but in our busy life schedules, we do our forgetting often.

You might again forget your charger, but this is one of the least of your charger related problems like AC adapter, the charger could get damaged due to low voltage, or the worst case is charger jack breaks out.

But fortunately, there are few methods that you could use to charge your laptop without a charger.

How can you charge your laptop without a laptop charger?

1. USB Charging

2. Using a universal power adapter

3. Car battery Using

4. An external laptop battery charger

1. can you charge your laptop without a laptop charger and only using a USB charger ?

What kind of a port should you use?

As on our computer there, there are different types of ports like HDMI, USB and VGA port.

Can we use all of these ports to charge your laptop? let’s find out.

USB port

You can charge almost all the electronic devices that come with your computer via USB cable, but can you charge your laptop through its USB port.

There are two kinds of USB ports in your laptop

1. USB type-A
USB Type A

These are the ports you use in your day to day life it’s the one that comes with the flat rectangular shape.

It’s the standard ports for Pc’s and laptops you may easily recognize it as USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1

As for USB type-A, they only offer you one-way power so you can’t charge your laptop with that port

 2. USB type-C
USB Type-C Charging Cable

That is one of the latest types of USB port, and it’s quite smaller than size like a mini USB port. Although it has a connecter as that of the USB connector,

unlike the previous connector, you don’t want to worry about correct orientation .it has a USB 3.1 or USB 3.2 technology and can transfer data up to 20Gbit/s.

This port almost offers all the features of its predecessors, but as a bonus, it has a power input too. So this is the one that is going to help with us on charging our laptop

How to charge your laptop with a USB-C ?

For this to work you need one of those laptops with USB-C ports available,

but if your computer doesn’t have one of those ports, don’t worry; our other methods work for you.

If you’re charging from this USB-C method, you need a power bank, and on these days, everyone carries one, and you can assume one of your collageous takes a one.

After you have both what you needed to connect one end of the USB-C connector to your laptops USB-C port Then the other end with the power bank.

It would be best if you kept in mind that the power bank you use to charge your mobile phones are not recommended because we’re looking at least 12 volts of power, as most power banks come with 5 volts.

Power banks offer you less than 12 volts isn’t going to do any good to your laptop. If you have a power outlet, you can go ahead and plug in your USB-C connector. Here’s some laughable fact you can charge your laptop with your phone too.

It will drain your phone’s battery fast, but if you can’t afford your laptop to shut down, here’s what you got to do.

Connect your phone with the laptop and go to USB connectivity settings, then enable the option to the power supply.

If you’re going to buy a laptop,look for one with a USB-C port,

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If you’re buying a new power bank, make sure it has required minimum voltage.

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2.can you charge your laptop Using a universal power adapter

70W Ultra Slim Universal Laptop Power Adapter with USB port,Auto-switch,compatible for your Notebooks,Ultrabooks,Netbooks,Mini book,Tablet PC and also 5V related devices

A universal adapter is the most common solution for most people. These adapters come with many tips, and most likely, you’ll find one that suits your laptop.

I also recommend this method because you can buy individual tips, and these adapters can charge your laptop with cars or other 12 voltage DC power points and stuff. These adapters, not only power your laptops, it even charges your laptop, but if you put it in the wrong way, it will cause improper voltage and damage your laptop.

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3.How can you charge your laptop with a Car battery ?

If one of those guys spends most of the time traveling or you spend the most time on the road in office, then this method works for you. You can use your car battery to charge your laptop when compared with other ways; it’s a bit hard, but it worth it.

Wiring the laptop directly to your car is sometimes more complicated than it looks since most laptop batteries in our age range from 8 volts and above, while most of the car batteries rate as 12 volts. Even if you hot-wire your laptop to a car battery and the battery is less than 12 volts, beware about what you do because you could end up with a dead car battery or a damaged laptop.

The most efficient way to adapt power from your car battery to power or charge your laptop is by using an inverter.

Various inverters exist in the market, and they are capable of generating AC from a DC source with the output ranging from 12 volts to 24 volts. When you have an inverter follow these steps

1. Plug the inverter to the cars cigarette lighter

2. Now you should plug laptops AC adapter to the inverter

3. Just connect the AC adapter to the laptop

4. Now your all  done

4.How can you charge your laptop with an external battery charger

N82 External Battery Charger

This method is quite helpful when your charging jack is damaged, or your laptop doesn’t have a USB-C port. You may do this in many ways, before that check, your laptop comes with an AC adapter if so connect the charger with the adapter port of the battery.

If you don’t have one, don’t worry;you can remove your laptop’s battery and mount it on an external laptop battery charger then plugs the charger into an electric outlet. The external battery charger is a standalone device that doesn’t plug into your computer so that you might want a removable battery. I think you don’t have a backup battery because, in this method, you can’t work until your battery gets charged. Most of these external chargers have indicator lights so you can know when your battery get fully charged. Beware because these chargers come with brand-specific and choose a charger that matches your laptop requirements. Here’s another bonus tip; keep in mind when you’re buying a new laptop, make sure it has an AC adapter

You might also find this product useful when you have such problems,

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I hope you have some help with this article and please comment down below if i missed anything or about your ideas and also leave a comment down below if you have any problems with this

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