How to use USB Tethering on WINDOWS 10

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USB tethering is very important today. In today the internet is most important for our life. We use mobile phone, tablet, laptop for connect to the internet. Lot of Internet Service Providers (ISP) are giving facilities to connect to the internet.

Mainly in mobile phone, tablet we use sim card to connect to the internet. And laptop, PC users are mostly use WIFI connection for connect to the internet. But lot people have problems in WIFI using. Signal problems, cost of the bill are mainly big problems.

Because lot of people use dongle to connect to the internet. Because they can use their sim card and connect to the internet. If you doesn’t have a dongle then that is also cannot do. Because I think it is practically not success.

You can tether using Bluetooth or NFC but USB tethering is fast. Because USB tethering is one of the good way to connect your mobile phone connection with your pc.

You can do it on your mac or windows pc. But in this article I’m showing you in windows pc. You only want USB cable and a software I use. You can do it without software. But it can be not working because of drivers.

This software automatically detect drivers and install the fast. This article I will show you how to use USB tethering. Let’s jump to the article.

STEP 1: First get your mobile phone and go to play store and search PdaNet+. Then download it. (If you are a iphone user you can download the app from app store)

STEP 2: After installing the app you can open it. You can see the option that call USB tethering in top of the display. Select it.

STEP 3: Then you can see the massage like this.

Press continue button then settings panel of your mobile will open. Default your USB Debugging option is disabled. Because you want to enable it.

Enable this option

STEP 4: Now you can jump in to the pc. Open your web browser and download the software using this link. Download PdaNet+

STEP 5: Then run the installed exe setup. Choose the I accept the agreement button and cleck all the next buttons and software will install successfully.

STEP 6: Now select the ok button.

Then select the finish button.

Now all the steps are completed. Your phone successfully connected to the pc. You can see your connection is done in the below picture.

After following this steps you can connect your phone to pc via tethering. The next time you can connect only clicking the software icon. I think this post very help full to you. If you like please share this with friends. Thank you!!!

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