Windows 10 pro vs. home

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Windows 10 pro vs. home – The ultimate comparison between two of the best windows products

Even young kids using laptops and other computer devices know what Windows is. Windows 10 home and the Windows 10 Pro are the two most used versions of Windows 10. These two are used by people to cover their various requirements. But what are their differences? Which operating system will suit your needs the best? Read on this article of Windows 10 pro vs. home to know more!

Both these operating systems are similarly popular among people. But there is a high tendency of the laptop and other computer users to use Windows 10 pro. The Windows 10 home version is mainly used by the people who run regular systems.

But there are certain advantages of using one over the other. All you have to do is compare your requirements with what the operating systems offer. And to compare the requirements and decide which suits you the most, the following guide will definitely help you!
So, enough of the prep talking, and we shall now move on to the most exciting parts of our Windows 10 version comparisons!

Windows 10 pro vs. home - the comparison

When you think about Windows, you think about the operating system that runs your computer. (Hope you were not thinking about those glass windows at home!)

We know that they update their systems regularly. They provide newer versions usually. And most importantly, they increase the services they render to the people. The amount of services that they provide through Windows 10 cannot be compared with Windows 7.
But can you believe that there are two versions of the same Windows 10? 
What are its differences? 
Are they the same with just two different names? Here is a comparison between the two versions to help you understand what these two versions offer you.
In short, the security features of the two operating systems are different. Windows 10 pro version is built to safeguard the data in your computer more effectively. The Windows 10 pro is safer than the Windows 10 Home operating system when it comes to protecting your PC and other data.
Both of the systems have the same features, but the pro version is much advanced.

The home version offers you with the following features:

  • Windows start menu
  • Windows Store apps
  • Cortana
  • Windows Ink
  • Windows Hello
  • Ability to install programs outside the Windows store

But the Windows 10 Pro version is more advanced when it comes to the features that it offers.

It offers you with:

  • Windows start menu
  • Windows Store apps
  • Cortana
  • Windows Ink
  • Windows Hello
  • Ability to install programs outside the Windows store
  • Hyper – V
  • BitLocker
  • Microsoft update for Business
  • Remote desktop
  • Assigned access

As you see in this table, the Windows 10 pro has absolutely everything offered by the home version. But it also has some other extra features for the users. The pro version is more advanced, but is it worth the money? Read on the next section to find out!

What is the difference between Windows 10 pro vs. home?

There are a few differences in the number of features, the price, and some other factors when comparing features between the two versions. In this section, we shall talk about these differences.

The differences in the features:

The three tools mentioned below are the most important advanced features offered in the pro version. These tools become crucial when it comes to determining the security of your device.
  • BitLocker:

This feature allows you to encrypt the data in your drives. You get Group Policy, which will enable you to set different rules and privileges to different users in the network. This feature will enable you to rest regarding the safety of your data. If you have been using Apple’s macOS and are thinking about something like the File vault, this is the best!

The latest updates allow you to encrypt individual files rather than the all or nothing system of the previous versions. Other software systems will enable you to encrypt data, but they are not built into the OS. A system that is built into the OS is the safest.
  • Update via the cloud:

One of the other features given in the system is the ability to update via the cloud. You get the chance to update multiple laptops and computers in a domain at the same time. You can use a central PC to update them all! It is easy, saves time, and is pretty easy to finish as well!

  • Connect remotely:


You can use Windows 10 to connect your computer to another computer in the same domain remotely. You can allow someone to work even from a distance. The files that the person has access to and the other security concerns can be managed by you.

This allows you to work even at home! The times of worrying about uploading the outstanding work, or bringing home the office computer is over!


The difference in the price:

You know that the two versions have a huge difference when it comes to the features. The Pro version looks as if it was meant to be used by those busy offices. However, with the increase in features comes an increase in the price.

The two versions have a massive difference when it comes to the price.
If you are buying the Windows 10 version only (without a computer), the home version will cost 119.99 USD, while pro would be 199.99 USD. It is 119.99 euros for the home version and 219.99 euros for the pro version.
If you are thinking about upgrading home to pro, it will cost you 99.99 USD.

So, when considering the price that you have to pay, the pro version is pretty expensive. If you are going to use your computer for casual purposes, then the pro is not going to be worth the money. But, if you run a business or are considering using the Windows for your office work, you should definitely select the pro version. It is not just the security options that make us say so. The other features are all built to make your office work easy!

How can you upgrade Windows 10 home to pro?

Upgrading your computer, which is already running in windows 10 home to the pro version, is pretty much straightforward. You can get the pro version update through the Windows Store on your computer. The price would be 99.99 USD or 119.99 euros.

There is nothing much technical behind the upgrade. You can download it and install the pro version easily.


Windows 10 pro vs. home gaming: what is the best?

If you love gaming, then you should first think about what is better for gaming. Mainly, there is no difference between the options offered by the two versions for gaming. But with the pro version, you have more control over the laptop and the updates that it gets. So, you will be able to consider what to upgrade and when to upgrade.

But if you are thinking about only using your computer for gaming, the pro would be too much. It would cost you more, and take up more of your computer space. So, if it is sole gaming, you better go with the home version.
So, when deciding about gaming, think about the other uses you are going to take. If you are using a separate PC for gamin, then you really will not need the pro version for it. But if you are thinking about using the same laptop for all your Business, fun and other purposes think again.
It is all about what you will be using the laptop for! It is all about your requirements. So, when deciding what to get, the ultimate decision is always yours!

A windup about Windows 10 pro vs. home

So, now you know everything that is there to know. You are a genius about the two Windows versions that are offered to you. The pro version is definitely more advanced and has more features. The home version is sophisticated yet straightforward to cater to the requirements of a regular user.

 When thinking about buying one of these two versions, always consider your requirements. If you will not need any of the features offered in the pro version, then it would be a waste of money. But if you are pretty much concerned about the safety of your device, and is not worried about the extra amount, go with the pro.
And if you are already using the home version and are thinking about getting the pro version, it is straightforward. You can easily upgrade it through the store. Well, the features of Windows 10 Pro are worth the money. So, when comparing what to get on Windows 10 pro vs. home, think about what you want! We have brought you everything that is there to know about the two Windows versions. The final decision is always yours!

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